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Dimitris Nezis was born in Greece.

He has studied vocals & music theory in

National Conservatory of Athens,

Fame Studio & Music performance in Uni of West London.

He has released 24 singles & 3 albums,

that reached thousands of streams, in 14 years of career.

Dimitris has won 40+ international music awards

& 50 nominations in less than 4 years of releasing music internationally,

as an independent arist.

Additionally he is a lyricist, a radio producer, an executive producer & he has 

successfully worked as an actor & performer in "Horror Hotel", 

"Krampus", "Blackout",

"Athens Halloween Hunt 2 & 3"

&  4 consecutive year in "Wizard Apprentice" theatre play.

He is a National Recording Academy & Country Music Association voting member

and a  Grammy-balloted artist.

Dimitris is a judge of ISSA Awards & the Global Film & Music Festival in USA.

His latest singles have hit the charts in more than 15 countries ww,

expanding his audience especially in Latin America and USA.

"Deceive me”feat. Natalie Jean,  released and supported

by Pulse Music -his own record label, and hundreds of blogs and radio stations ww,

is the first single, of his upcoming studio album ''DIMITRIOS'',

that will be released on the 12th of July 2024.

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