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ISSA Awards
(international singer songwriters assosiation)

2021 Male rising star of the year

2022 Entertainer of the year (silver)

2021 Pop artist of the month (november)

Florence Film Awards
Best Song - Viral (gold)

Red Carpet Awards in Holland
2022 Best Original Pop Song - Jackpot

One Earth Awards
Best Dance/ Electronica Song - Out of me (gold)

Best Music Video (narrative based) - Orgi (silver)

Best Music Video (performance based) -
Osa lachtarisa (gold)

Best Dance/ Electronica Song - Viral (gold)

Athens International Monthly Film & Festival
Best Soundtrack - Osa Lachtarisa

Best Soundtrack -Orgi (honorable mention)

Best Soundtrack -
Chtizame mia agapi (honorable mention)

Best Soundtrack - Oso zo (honorable mention)

Best Soundtrack - Viral (honorable mention)

Monthly Indie Shorts
Best Music Video- Chtizame mia agapi

Krimson Horizon International Film festival
Best Music Video - Osa lachtarisa

Europe Music Awards
Best Mobile Music Video - Oso zo

Best Pop Video - Viral

Best Original Song - Viral (honorable mention)


Uruvatti International Film Festival
Best Music Video (Special Jury Award)
- Osa lachtarisa

Best Music Video - Orgi

Best Music Video- Chtizame mia agapi

Akademia Music Awards
Best Dance/Electronic Song - Out of me

Best Dance/ Electronic Song - Viral

Best Pop Song - Poison

Global Film & Music Festival USA
2021-22 Best International Music Video - Orgi

2022-23 Best International Male Singer

Vegas Movie Awards
Best original Song - Viral 

Cannes World Film Festival
Best Original Song - Viral

Oniros Film Awards - New York
Best Original Song - Viral (honorable mention)

 Indie Video Film Festival of Youtube Art Club
Pavlos Paraschakis

Best Lyrics Song - Chtizame mia agapi

Global Music Awards
Best Male Vocalist (bronze)

Rampage Music Awards
2022 Best New Artist (multi genre)

Cinergo Film Festival
Best Music video - Chtizame mia agapi (honorable mention)

Rome Music Video Awards
Best Original Song -Viral

Close Film Festival
Best Music Video - Viral

Euro Video Song Festival
Best Music Video - Viral
(Honorable mention)

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